Fog Lights are for fog!

Unfortunately the majority of people who do this are under the misguided impression that they look cool? Simply put YOU DO NOT LOOK COOL! In fact you look like a total dipstick! Also, the vast majority of said offenders do so when it is dark & wet on the roads thus doubling the effect whilst angering other road users.

Granted front fog lights do have a low beam but they are not angled away from oncoming traffic & they reflect of road surfaces straight into oncoming traffic, especially when wet. More importantly they highlight the road directly in front of your vehicle which actually reduces long distance visibility by contracting your pupils…. Rather like having your interior courtesy light on. Is this the next thing? Driving round with courtesy lights on?

Please Please stop this as you are dazzling & irritating other road users!

If all sensible drivers start to flash drivers with fog lights on when it's not neccesary then
eventually they might just get the message? It's worth a go at least....
flash them.... flash them all!!!!

The excerpts to the right are taken from the current highway code & the RVLR "Road Vehicles Lighting Regulations" 1989

Please Please..... respect the highway code and other road users!

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